Welcome! Are you dreaming of an extraordinary holiday at the Relais Le Macine di Stigliano? I am pleased to personally introduce you to all the activities I have put in place to guarantee you a safe and enjoyable holiday.

I'm Elisa, and anyone who knows me knows that I put my heart and soul into managing the Relais. Hygiene and maximum cleanliness of the rooms have always been very important and today they are even more so.
For this reason is not allowed to introduce into the room and all common areas food and beverage purchased outside from the hotel. These could be contaminate both private and common areas.
This is why I am also working on training all hotel staff to offer you the best service.


In the Suites and in the Rooms

Before your arrival, we sanitize the room with an ozone generator, with Sanity System medical certificate. Ozone eliminates bacteria, molds, viruses and bad smells: when you enter the room, you will be enveloped by a feeling of extreme cleanliness.

To sanitize floors and hard surfaces we use alcohol-based detergents with medical certification. We pay particular attention to the cleaning of remote controls, buttons and handles on doors and windows, wardrobes and showers. All the staff on the floors use protection devices in accordance with the law.


In common areas

The Relais Le Macine di Stigliano has different common areas that naturally guarantee the rules of social distancing. We clean all common areas several times during the day with alcohol-based detergents with medical certification, paying particular attention to handles, buttons and shelves. Every night we intensify the cleaning with the ozone generator that eliminates bacteria, molds and viruses.

In all environments you will find the columns with the sanitizing gel dispenser to always have clean and sanitized hands. This year we have favored online check-in in order to avoid unnecessary waiting and / or queues upon your arrival in the reception area.


At the restaurant "La Merla delle Macine"

We have reorganized the entire restaurant service. First, choose the dishes you want from the menu using the QRCode directly from your mobile phone; same thing for the wine list, always replaced by a QR Code. The breakfast buffet is served by waiters equipped with protective devices. All tables will be spaced according to law, between the internal room, terrace and outdoor kiosk. Those who wish can opt for a room service to have lunch, dinner or breakfast in the room.


The outdoor swimming pool

Our outdoor pool is automatically treated with chlorine sanitization, just as required by law. We clean pool beds and tables several times during the day with alcohol-based detergents with medical certification.

All the pool loungers will be spaced and arranged in such a way as to ensure ample space between families.


Thanks for your attention. I remain available personally for all the clarifications you have or need.

Elisa Corti



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